November 20, 2015

My fellow pilgrims, 

I greet you from a solemn place in my heart. The attacks last week shook the world to witness evil, but also hope and resilience. I wanted to write something today to provide a resounding message of strength, but I think the Lord wanted me to remain meek this time and be content with asking for mercy in a peaceful hope. 

This message was really brought out last night when I attended a requiem Mass at the NYU Catholic Center. Throughout the Mass, I felt the peace of Christ slowly seeping into my bones; the Lord was steadying my heart on His Resurrection and Kingship, and fears of the world were fizzling out. I didn't feel strong, but I didn't feel afraid either. I felt like God was peacefully reminding me of His

However, this morning, I felt the same worry and concern for the world. After mistakenly reading through the news for far too long, I realized I had spent my allotted time for prayer instead on busying my mind with an imprudent amount of information. I was then led to simply pray Morning Prayer, and was struck by Psalm 51 and the responsory: "At daybreak, be merciful to me." 

Instead of thinking and mulling over a written reflection, I decided to record an impromptu music meditation on these two texts that spoke to me. I hope you enjoy it, and that it aids you in prayer and meditation today, leading you to focus on the peace that comes with meekness and surrender to Christ's power.

Frassati NY