December 12, 2015

Please never make you mother cry, but if she ever cries, you better not be the reason...
Dont let her shed a tear, dont let her feel the fear, dont let her!
Because when a mother cries, a thounsand angels cry with her, and the clouds will get sad too... here comes the rain, so please dont make your mother cry.

But since I know you have, and because I know you will, for good or bad, when you mother cries keep her tears safe.
Her eyes have witness the sand from the longest paths, at night looking for a shelter.
The tears flowing from her eyes have witness the stars, of that silent night with the newborn king and angels singing.
Her eyes have witness the pain, of that glorious day we became her children.

I made her cry once.
One day I left my mother's side, she missed me.
I felt big, I felt huge, I felt gigantic, until the day I came across this darkness.
I would wonder sometimes: "Where's my mother?"
I got scared, I got hungry, I got cold, and the space mocked the minutes that I lost, and my breath losing sight of hope, like the worst never ending story.

But, one night when life was too much to hold on , I kneeled down and decided to go home, and she was there at the door ready to hug me.
She had been waiting for me, the food was still warm and the water fresh, and her arms like a crib to console me.
And she cried out of joy when I opened my arms and decided to give her my prayers.
"Aren't I here who are you mother?" she asked, and I just couldnt content my joy, there was no other way but to love her.

I made my mother cry, she was sad when I left, because she wants all her children to make it.
I made my mother cry, she cried out of joy, when she knew that my heart was repenting.
Please let's not make our mother cry.  But since I know we have, and because I know we will, just keep hertears safe, plant them in your heart andpray for the world's sake,  I heard her tears grow the most gracious flowers.

Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Pray for us always.

Frassati NY