September 30, 2015

“ ‘When all accept Christ’s voice and teaching, we will be able to say we are equal and every difference between human beings will be annulled.’  Any other way was shortlived and would easily fail.  This was shown by the war, which was a consequence of the disapperance of the Christian spirit.  So, for him [Pier Giorgio], living in society meant struggling for the Spirit to return, reactivating it where it was feeble and kindling it where it did not exist.”

I don’t have much to say except to reiterate this quote from A Man of the Beatitudes.  All of this, what is quoted above, begins with small acts of kindness.  To be kind…that word is very much lost today, isn’t it?  We don’t hear people described so much as “kind”—what is more than merely being nice…it has merit. 

To be kind, is when there is nothing in the marrow of my bones that wants to find a way to love, but does so.  Essentially, it is virtuous, and I would say it encompases most, if not all the virutes, but in an approachable way.  I know I’ll never be fully humble, but kind—maybe, hopefully.

In bouts of dryness, this is a ticket, a way, to rekindle the Lord’s Spirit within us—small acts of kindness, spending more energy on seeking opportunities than grumbling about them.  This is the path of endurance, to finish the race, being God’s athletes as Frassati was. 

Come Holy Spirit, renew us with the fire of your love and a holy energy which burns through our weakness, sharpening iron against iron. 

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, pray for us!

Frassati NY