October 15, 2016

Recently I found myself speaking with someone who assumed my capacity to live a Holy life based on my past, it was a painful experience. When someone you love and knows you very wells conditions your present based on your past sins, you look at your whole journey and start believing your past matters more than your capacity to overcome struggles.

My first reaction was to shut myself completely to others. Opening your heart to others makes you vulnerable, and when you are vulnerable you are most likely to get hurt, you give people power to hurt you.

But if I did that, my identity as a man was not rooted in Christ, but in the humanity of others which sometimes does not see beyond its understanding.

Christ is real to me because of my past; duty is to embrace it for his glory.  

And what about Jesus on the cross?  He becomes vulnerable for us every day of our lives, and his heart is at times deeply saddened like mine was. When we limit his grace to our humanity and lack of trust we hurt him deeply.

“So that’s how it feels!” I said in the midst of my small prayer.

I believe there is a place in Jesus' heart where nothing matters. This place where nothing matters is a sacred place, a refuge, a prayer we say, a minute of consolation, a word of wisdom, a Hail Mary, a storage place for dreams, fears and hopes of all kind. 

So I went into this place in prayer, the place where nothing matters. Things here don't matter because they lack importance, they don't matter because they are things. We usually give more importance to things of all kind, and  sometimes we become things, unlovable and limited.

Brothers and sister, there is place in Jesus’ heart when things don’t matter, and because things don’t matter, there is nothing to worry about here:

What you’ve done or what others have done to you. Who you are, or who others think you are. Where you go or where you came from. Nothing matters here! And at the same time everything matters, because you become everything for HIM, the one who can have it all but all he wants is YOU.

In Jesus

Frassati NY