October 29, 2016

Hi friends! 

This is a retelling  in my own words and perspective of a fable Father Juniper CFR told me a few days ago. I heard it for the first time, and like a kid who gets amazed by a new bedtime story,  I enjoyed it and inspired me in a deep way to make myself more visible to Jesus, so that he can find me. Maybe you might have heard it before... or maybe not, but I hope the intensity and tenderness in which Fr. Juniper's eyes looked at me while telling me this fable, is transmitted through the written words in this reflection, and may inspired you as well.

An adventurous boy came out the farm to wander as usual, because wandering is the key to every adventure , usually

This time he went farther, he was going for a hike he has never done before, because things you've never done before are the things that would take you far, mostly

By the rocks there was a nest. He went and explored, he found three eggs. 

By the rocks he quickly ran, he grabbed and stole the one that fit his hand. 

Once at the farm, with the egg in his hand, he didnt know what to do with it, he realized he had no place for something that was not meant to be his. But still didnt want to let go and return it, so the boy looked for ways to avoid breaking it, because we brake the things that dont belong to us when we dont let go, always.

He remembered hens lay eggs, and when one of the hens was not looking he placed it there with the others eggs.

It hatched with the time, an from

the egg he had stolen a little eagle came out. 

The stolen eagle lived like a chicken, he ate grains, he walked around, he loved the ground.

One normal day something unexpected happened. The sun was out and happy as he could, and as his head was looking down to catch the daily grain, a shade he didn't recognize overshadowed his space. 

He looked up, and saw a magnificent eagle soaring the skies. 

Such freedom, such peace and such harmony! He felt a longing in his heart, deep and deep a longing to fly out.

It called for a while, it was loud, like fire within calling his name. 

It was a calling stronger than himself, and the stolen eagle couldn't understand what to do, where to go, how to be as free or what to say.

"Mom, what is that in the sky, can we be as free?" He asked to the hen who raised him.

"No!" she replied. "We are anything but that on the sky, get your head down and eat again, get your head down don't waste the grains!" 

That which soared the skies was the eagle's brother, it came looking for him, but sometimes looking is not enough when the one you look for does not come where he can be found. 

So the stolen eagle stayed on the ground, where he was never found. 

But longing in his heart never vanished, he believed he was anything but that on the sky. 

No matter the longing, no matter the calling, no matter the willingness to fly... he believed in the voice that contradicted the whisper in his heart, so he lived as a chicken for the rest of his life. 

For the longing in our hearts making us seek a greater love. 

For the lies ahead of us making us doubt who we are.

For the calling that day and night whispers to our souls.

And the fire within that burns when we speak our love.

Like eagles in the sky we pray, in the heights may we seek to dwell...

so that he can see us better, only if we dare. 

"Do not conform to this world"
Be not afraid!
St. John Paul II

Pray for us. 

October 2016Frassati NY