January 29, 2016

"Anyone who has ears to hear ought to hear."

Earlier today, I was trying to reflect on what these words mean to me. I was walking from one patient's home to another when I walked past a church, so I decided to peek in and say hello to Jesus. After a very brief and frankly very lame effort at praying, I left and continued towards my visit, totally nonplussed. At the intersection of 116th and 3rd avenue, there was a man standing and vociferating about the Second Coming holding a wad of pamphlets. My immediate reaction was to think, "Please stop talking." As I walked right by him, he said, "Give your heart to the living God." 

Anyone who has ears ought to hear. As with any gift, our ability to hear and receive the word should make us eager and willing to listen. But the Lord knows our stubbornness and makes it so that anyone who has ears will hear what He wants him or her to hear. My morning curmudgeonry was no match for the Lord. He spoke through this irritating sidewalk preacher words that comforted and challenged me, radically reorienting my thoughts and desires if only for a few moments.

Today is the feast of St Thomas Aquinas, who is the patron of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity. I recently enrolled in this Confraternity with other members of Frassati so I could join them in praying for one another to be fortified in chastity. This virtue is above all the fruit of a heart given first and completely to the Lord so that all love that flows from it is rightly ordered in holiness. Let us, who are blessed to have heard the words, truly listen to Jesus. Let us give each of our hearts to the living God, who will fill us with the grace to use our gifts in His service.

Frassati NY