March 2, 2016

How merciful is it that our Lord meets us where we are? We are not left to ourselves! The most powerful witness I have in my life to the existence of God is my own imperfection.

Once, I was asked by a friend, "Why are you Catholic?" He was a brash, no-nonsense non-believer, so he frustratingly and immediately shot down any hyper-spiritual reply: 

"Well the Earth had to come from somewhere..."

"Yeah but what does that have to do with you?"

"Well you have to see that good and evil exists in the world...."
"Yeah, but what do you get out of it?"

I was answering questions he didn't ask and didn't care about; he wanted to know exactly what it was that drove my belief. What did I get out of it? I humbly had to tell him that I didn't have a good answer then and there.

Two weeks later, I had been invited last-minute to a worship and adoration session with some friends, and out of the blue, a phrase popped into my mind: "You don't have to rely on yourself." This is a fundamental form of God's mercy, that we were not alone from the start, or worse, visited and then abandoned. Christ humbly gave and gives himself for our possession in the Eucharist. He meets us, much as he met the prophets, in their imperfection and (often) initial unbelief.

NaamanIsaiah. Paul. Moses. PeterDavid.

All were confused, some were murderers, others doubted, faltered, or were unsure. Yet the Lord met all of them in their imperfection just as He meets us today. He gave them and gives us the strength to entrust ourselves to him, to give our own fiats.

My challenge to you: frequent the Eucharist as much as possible this second half of lent. Our Lord dwells with us, nourishes us, and it only makes sense that we would run to receive him. 

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Frassati NY