April 16, 2016

“Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.
We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.” (John 6:60)

There is a lady I met in Ecuador last year when I visited my family. She had a child 15 years ago, and this child was born blind. This child was born in darkness, has lived in darkness, all he knows is darkness… or maybe not.

In Ecuador, there are no schools for children with special needs, or maybe there are, but not if you’re poor. This child can’t go to school like the other kids, even if he tries is always bullied or rejected.

I heard his mom takes him to the movies sometimes, I heard how excited he was to go see the “Avengers 2, and how his mother describes the movies for him every time. When he celebrated his 15th birthday only a few kids attended, only a few kids love him, but no one like his mom, she doesn’t take care of him, anybody can do that… SHE LOVES HIM.  Where else should he go in this world?

Oh this poor kid was born without sight! He was born blind! Can we say God loves him even if he allowed him to be born blind? How can we say God is a merciful father if then? Just by looking at his mother, that is God’s love in action, God is loving him through his mom, and fulfilling his purpose of salvation for him, for her, for every single one of us.

Praised be Jesus who brakes the darkness with his love, praise be our Lady of Guadalupe for having met such wonderful mother. That is the face of mercy, we can talk as much about mercy and I can write reflection after reflection on mercy, and theologians can write as many books as they want on the subject, but we know nothing. This lady knows it, she is a true expert, she has given up her own life for her blind child, she dwells in the same darkness. She has given her own eyes to become his eyes, to allow him to see the world, to describe every single star at night if she needs to. She has the world before her, yet all she sees is her son, nothing else, nothing more, she only has eyes for her him. Brothers and sisters, I don’t know about you, but I only want this type of love in my life, and this love can only come from God, and can only be experienced if we also love radically and become mercy ourselves.

 The thing with mercy is not so much about how we can receive it, anybody can do that, but how we can become mercy, that is the goal, that is the hardest part of the deal yet the most beautiful.

Yes, we know it! We are confident of how much we are loved, but then what? How do we respond to so much Mercy? How can we become the light and the eyes of those who are also blind? Are we willing to do it? And even if the answer is “NO” or “Not yet” or “Maybe” at least there is a response, at least we have found ourselves facing this question and till we can come to a concrete answer let us keep on pondering on the words of today's gospel “to whom shall we go?  

Happiness will only be found in the very thing that brings forth the true light behind our eyes.

St. Therese,

Pray for us!

Frassati NY