April 9, 2016

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12)


During the week I was invited to attend a talk given by a person with exorcism experience trained at the Pope Leo XIII institute. He touched on many topics that can oppress a soul, from tattoos to pornography. But I would like to share and reflect with you on three of the things he gave us and which I consider to be of vital importance as we walk this journey.

Wounds. We feel wounded, hurt, about to collapse sometimes. When is this going to stop? When do we want this to stop? One of the things we learned at the talk, was to get over these wounds, not to ignore them but to address them. True deliverance is not about exposing the wound and putting salt on it to know they’re real and our suffering matters. It is not even about how much we cry while praying, but looking forward for recovery, and this recovery is living in Easter every day of our lives. Many of us tend to stop time at the crucifixion, thus we make Good Friday and everlasting Friday in our daily lives: pain, suffering, death, darkness, but then what? Keep in mind Christ was only dead for three days, and then was risen (alleluia), why should you stay in that tomb for more than that, endure the pain, is not about the wound but the recovery, whether you pray for you or for others don’t waste so much time on the wound, spend time on planning how to recover better.

Struggle. Struggles are for wimps. (and this I am saying to myself specially). Do you know why Catholic warriors don’t have struggles?  Because they overcome them. When we say “I struggle with whatever we struggle with…” it means we are expecting to fall, it means we know we will fall, it means we will be dealing with it for a loooong time. And this is not to underestimate the nature of our struggles but rather to look at them with the grace given to us to be strong in JESUS, because JESUS is bigger than anything. Go cold turkey on your struggles, don’t be giving yourself excuses to struggle less each day because I can tell you from experience that we can become attached to our own struggles so it is really  up to our will power and repentance to be fully delivered from our spiritual oppression. If you have been struggling for a long time, with the same thing, GET IT TOGETHER, MAN UP (OR WOMAN UP) AND STOP STRUGGLING FOR REAL! Easy as that "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." 2Corinthians 12:9. I used to struggle with a lot of things before I heard this beautiful message, it was truly life changing. Jesus is truly BIGGER than anything if we allow him to.

Under Attack. If we are devout Catholics, we should never be under attack by the devil, we should be the ones attacking, fighting back, protecting what is ours, what was given to us and bought at a high price on the cross.  Being under attack puts us in a defensive position, hiding, expecting to be defeated, like cowards afraid to lose. Jesus was never under attack, he was tempted, he was betrayed, he was accused, he even lost it all but he was never under attack, he didn’t even defend himself, he always fought back. No saint was ever under attack either, saints put up a fight all the time, saints were always there in the battlefield praying, obeying, giving themselves, and that is the same reason that made them saints. As the speaker said “we are a militant church, the clashing of swords gives you more experience in the battlefield” and as a militant church we need to stop just “being under attack” all the time and stand up with the authority we have as sons and daughters of God for the sake of our own souls. As a militant church we need to fulfill our roles as part of God’s army, and never again being under attack.

Brothers and Sisters we are fruitful catholic generation, we are the  present of the Catholic church, not only of America, but of the world. And this is because we come from many cultures, many languages, and many places we can easily go to and minister to . We have a huge responsibility, and because we have a huge responsibility we must see our spiritual reality as real as our physical. Good soldiers are tough, and in the times we are living right now, we need to be spiritually tough in order to win our battles and inspire the world. 

No more breaks, we must endure today!


Frassati NY