April 30, 2016

She waited a long time for it, night after night, breeze after breeze, wave after wave. 

She stared a million times, at the million stars, on the darkest skies.

Until one day, there it was… a shooting star... it was falling… and she made her wish.

And her wish came true.

She wished to hold in her hand the one thing that sweetens our sorrows, the very thing which rises before the sun within ourselves, the one thing which enables us to feel love and to belong to someone forever. Some people call it heart, even though what I am describing is not an organ nor part of our body but of our spirits. And thus a golden light was put in the palm of her hand, a golden beautiful and pure beating light.

Everyone was amazed by it, everyone wanted this beating light. It was a light like no other, gracious and bright. 

The one she loved got amazed by it even more, he knew such light was not possible to possess by his own merits, so he stole it. He stole her heart and ran away.  It became a trophy, it was sold, it was bought, it was traded, it was used, it became a freak show for everyone to watch.

When it lost its shine, it was tossed, it was abandoned, it was left to die. But she found it one day, broken, dirty and wounded.  In a wooden box she kept it... she became the heartless one. 

No star was ever forgiven.

The story  above is a waste of words...it is a mere portrayal of imperfect love, where there is always something we must lose in order to feel we are loving someone, and at the end it would always lead to suffering, but  the kind of suffering that destroys. 

We sure know love is about giving, but when it comes to loving ourselves it is about receiving, for we cannot give what we do not posses, and if we do not posses love for ourselves how can we love others?  Thus Jesus is the only one who can provide us with such love, perfect love for ourselves and others, far away from the story above. So if you want to read a real love story, look at today's gospelnow that is real love story material! To know that we have been chosen, to know that our ending is uncertain but beautiful, to know that because we are responding to that love we must endure countless things on the way, and suffer for the sake of salvation, for a cause greater than our own hearts and louder than our heartbeats

We often hear that we have to respect our bodies... but today we are also in the need to hear  that we need to respect our hearts as well. Let's not forget that a pure body with a wounded heart cannot even run a mile to heaven. Our hearts need to be taken care of with responsibility because that is the sweet crib of every single virtue Christ begets in us.  What makes you smile? What makes you sad? Why do you feel this way? Do you love enough? Are you laughing daily? Do you feel loved? Who hurt you? Why does it hurt? 

 Jesus wants our hearts,but not as a trophy, he wants to heal them, protect them, ignite them with his Holy Spirit. Jesus thirsts for our hearts and is willing to guard them as his own. And he will make anyone interested in our hearts go through him first if they want a glimpse of it. 

Brothers and sister, we must get used to the type of love willing to die on a cross for us, we must get used to be loved and love radically, or just don't love at all.

We can stare  a million times, at the million stars, on the darkest skies, and collect as many shooting stars as we want, but only Jesus suffices, only him, without him nothing. Let us ask for the grace to fall in love with Jesus every day a little more. 

May each of our heartbeats echo the name of our risen Lord, now and forever.

Immaculate heart of Mary be our guide!

Frassati NY