June 16, 2016

Brothers and sisters—

We have entered into a legacy.

To be Christian is to be part of a legacy, the legacy of the saints, the legacy of the prophets from of old; a legacy of all those whom the Lord has touched and brought before him to be consumed by the reality, the fact, of his existence. It should break us, that we have been given life by One whose one thirst is for us to love him so that, through and in that love, he might make us new.

Today it is written:
During his lifetime [Elisha] feared no one,
nor was any man able to intimidate his will.
(Sirach 48:12)

Why, how, did Elisha fear no one? Why did no other intimidate his will? The answer is one of utter simplicity: Elisha lived fully immersed in the presence of God, his soul and his heart and his will perpetually united to the God who led him. There came a moment in which he was no longer one lost, the way that Adam once turned his back to be lost to God, but was one found by the Lord—the perfectly faithful, constant one.

St. Joan of Arc once said, “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” I pray that these words become each of ours—that we each, who have been born to be daughters and sons of the living God, adopted into his family, granted a share in the one Spirit who transfigures and divinizes our hearts if we permit this work, learn to live the destiny for which we have been born.

Be not afraid. May the Lord give you his peace.

Frassati NY