June 4, 2016

We did not wish for it, but still it was granted. One day we woke up to the sound of a beating heart, echoing in the darkness of our mother's womb.

I believe sometimes life makes more sense in the darkness, when a heartbeat confirms the value of a miracle. 

When a heartbeat confirms there is more to darkness than what meets our understanding, that is when life makes sense. 

Today we celebrate one heart, the heart of our Mother Mary, the very first sound Jesus heard in his life as a man, the heart that shared life with him, the heart that kept it all in the silence, the heart that lived fully, and  died slowly with the pain of the cross.

Brothers and sisters, if through Christ we  all share the same body, through Mary we all share the same heart. Hence the importance of our mother in order to become real Christians. 

Can a man walk without a heart? Can a body stand alone heartless? I don't think so. A Christian without Mary is just like the echo of the rain fading in the distance, it makes noise in different directions proclaiming how the water kisses the soil, and  it may be true what this echo proclaims, but it takes more than noise to bear fruit. 

To love like Christ loves, we need an immaculate heart, but cripple and broken as we are this seems impossible. Our Blessed Mother comes to us, she shows us her heart and makes it ours so that through her we can also share the mysteries of perfect obedience and discipleship. 

Our hearts must be in the same tune as our Mother's beats: beats of patience, beats of kindness, beats that make us rejoice in the truth.

Who wouldn't want to wander in a heart that keeps Jesus' own tears when he cried first?

Who wouldn't want get lost in a heart that keeps Jesus' laughter when he walked this earth?

Who wouldn't want to discover Jesus in a heart that keeps of this world all the sorrows and joys with the memory of child asking "Why were you looking for me?

Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”.

Who would be fool enough not to cry out to this precious heart when our love is not enough to keep on walking towards the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?

Receive us in your heart sweet Mother, form us into Christ and let us hear its beats like a new creature does when he hears the sound of his mother’s heart for the first time. 

Immaculate Heart Of Mary!

Be the voice when listening to our hearts we must, so that it is not ours we follow, but yours to surely walk. 

Frassati NY