August 20, 2016

 Last year I had a head full of dreams and a heart full of plans. However, I came to understand that our almighty God wants our dreams to come true because he inspires them, but our plans sometimes become obstacles for this to happen. 

God waits for us to accept the plan he has for our lives, a plan that would perfectly work with the dreams he inspires.  I tried every single plan of my own small world, and they all failed. 

When I knew I was failing, God patiently waited for me to realize he had something bigger to offer me, but I still went ahead and tried my own plans again...and failed. And when I failed again I became miserable, unlovable and dried. 

He waited again for me, he wanted me to acknowledge my plan was not going to make me happy, but I still tried again because that's the way I play, and felt abandoned. 

How many times brothers and sisters we confused our failures with abandonment? Our failures are God's way of saying he has something better waiting for us, and not in the cliché way of saying it, but in the most honest way I can testify to it. 

Usually we decide to close chapters in our lives as if we were the authors of it. We write stories and verses that sometimes lack his will, but no matter how much poetry we put into it, nothing can be beautiful if it lacks love. 

We go and write our own stories, instead of letting God do as much creative writing in our lives as he wishes to. 

One day as I was being miserable I visited St. Anthony Shelter for Renewal, where I had served as a live-in volunteer before, a chapter in my life I decided to close. It's been almost three months, I am still here, I grasped the reality that even when I went back home to have a normal life my heart never left. I lived heartless for a year until I came back for what I had left behind. This time I am not giving anything up but my own plans, knowing that my dreams will come true one day.

Jesus lives in our hearts but where are  our heart at?

Brothers and sisters,  have you ever left you heart behind? Have you? 

Let us ask this question, and there where our hearts are, so will our treasures be. 

Jesus the only way, no greater love, no better companion. 

Frassati NY