September 19, 2016

For there is nothing hidden that will not become visible,
and nothing secret that will not be known and come to light.
—Luke 8:17
When we feel our efforts are fruitless, that our intentions are misunderstood and our hard work is unnoticed, we can turn to this verse for comfort and encouragement. All of our hidden struggles will one day be redeemed. We don't need to seek recognition or praise for our sacrifices and good deeds; we don't need to seek justice for every time we've been wronged. God pays careful attention to each of these moments, and we can trust that He will not forget them. We live in a world that is veiled in shadow and confusion, but one day, many hidden realities will be illuminated for all to see and understand.
Through this verse, we can also understand the vanity of trying to keep up appearances while neglecting the interior state of our souls. What is the point of preserving other people's good opinion of us, if one day our real selves—warts and all—will be unveiled? Instead of focusing on how we come across to others, we can focus on who we really are underneath. Our secret faults and vices will not remain secret forever. If we try to mask them now, we are only keeping them from being examined and healed.
Pier Giorgio Frassati's family didn't perceive his sanctity until after his death. They were shocked when thousands of mourners turned up at his funeral, all of them people whom he had helped during his life. Pier Giorgio's service to the poor, which was done in secret, formed real, lasting bonds that came to light after his death. His legacy was formed by those unseen actions, which spoke most pointedly to his character. Contrast Pier Giorgio's legacy with that of countless despots and dictators, who lived in glory but are remembered for their treachery and scandals. We must keep in mind that earthly glory and respect are fleeting, and if we cling to them, they can hold us back from something greater.
Frassati NY