January 21, 2017

Jesus came with his disciples into the house.
Again the crowd gathered, making it impossible for them even to eat.
When his relatives heard of this they set out to seize him,  for they said, 
"He is out of his mind."  (From todays Gospel)

You are the trouble child.

You have always been. 

They knew it since the minute they saw you. And when they see you they know it right away, 

you are getting worse by the day, 

you're the kind of trouble most won't understand. 

The fire in your heart, the way you carry yourself, the words you say and the things you do make you a trouble child. 

When you talk at night, when you hope for more, when you seek the truth, when at dawn you wake and pray, that makes you a trouble child.

You are the trouble child because you refuse to do normal things, you seek for more even when abundance is an option, because the "more" you look for is not counted in money, properties or places, you're after simple things.

These simple things you're after  have an even greater price than gold itself and you are willing to pay for it. 

In order to pay for it one must detach, one must let go, one must learn, one must trust, and suffer a little,  and because you want to suffer a little you are troublesome. If you know the world pretty well you should know  the world is a selfish being who enjoys making others miserable, it feeds off our misery, so don't you dare choose to suffer willingly!!! You  trouble child, the world may hate you if you do,  it's not fun when you have the choice.

You are a trouble child because you go against the current, like the salmon whose life is spent going and going,  making his way to where he came from, and restless from the journey dies once it gets to where it belongs. 

This what also makes you a trouble child, you are willing to die to yourself for many wounded causes you try to heal.

We are the trouble children this world tries so hard to raise according to its standards,  yet we know better and eagerly try not to confort to it. 

And they see us and they think again and again we have gone mad,  "Are you out of your mind?" they ask. And maybe we are.

Brothers and sisters, the world won't understand the happiness of simple things. The happiness these simple things bring forth is invaluable and this is why we mean trouble, because we might create something difficult to understand, a new language we learn and share with other people who are also "out of their minds". We should not expect people to understand things, for this is not something that needs to be understood in order to be appreciated ... this is something that needs to be lived out in order to know its infinite worth, and only God will give us the courage to do it. 

The scandal of the gospel, the polemic standard of our faith, the sacrificial cost of a "yes". Craziness!

Be nothing to the world  but trouble.

Frassati NY