December 28, 2016

Today the Catholic Church commemorates the Feast of the Holy Innocents. This feast commemorates all those boys under two executed by Herod as he frantically sought for the newborn King of the Jews. How beautiful is it that today, among the feasts of St. Stephen, the first martyr, John the Baptist, and the Holy Family, we find nestled the feast of the Holy Innocents. Our church loves children so much!

As an expectant father and early education teacher, this day and corresponding Gospel reading hit home more than usual. But to find these young children in such a place of honor, even among the earthly Church is the ultimate reassurance of Christ's sweet love for them in heaven. These children were the true first martyrs, not for faith but for circumstance. Now they are honored as martyrs, white-robed in heaven (see today's gospel acclamation), celebrated during the Octave of Christmas in the illustrious company mentioned above. The Holy Innocents reflect the honor given to our Father's adopted children; we have our seats at His table (wassup Solange), treated as family, loved in our meekness and dependence as children, and later in our repentance like the prodigal son.

If you were home with family for Christmas, you may have spent some time with some cute little kids. There is something really, truly holy to your love and appreciation of them, as evidenced by today's feast. 

Jesus Christ's salvation is for everyone, and he delights in his little ones most of all.

Frassati NY