October 19, 2017

Therefore, the wisdom of God said,
'I will send to them prophets and Apostles;
some of them they will kill and persecute'
in order that this generation might be charged
with the blood of all the prophets
shed since the foundation of the world,
from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah
who died between the altar and the temple building.
Yes, I tell you, this generation will be charged with their blood!
Woe to you, scholars of the law!
You have taken away the key of knowledge.
You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter." (Lk 11:49-52)

My brothers and sisters,

It is a chilling Gospel with which Holy Mother Church presents us today—that the Lord might elect to send prophets and apostles among lions, in order that a generation hypocritical might be found guilty of a sin committed from the beginning of all time. A historical sin, which rewrites the same story in different eras, because people never learn.

There are generations guilty of not listening: a proud, faithless wall built up before the living icons of God, those who bear incarnate into the world the voice of the Father and his Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit; a wall to block their voice—His voice—and to prevent themselves from being broken into, made aware of their poverty with all its depth.

It has everything to do with the disposition of our heart: Do we stand hardened to the truth, when the truth spills out—from the homilist, from a friend, from the very being of a stranger or someone we might see from afar who hesitates not to give everything, offer everything; live unabashedly, ecstatically in love with the Lord?

This is the prophet among us: the one who ushers in the kingdom of Heaven; the one who lives already immersed in the kingdom already, a Heaven on earth, and who shows that death—oh, death, where is your sting?—is merely the passage of our souls into the heart of God, which has from the beginning of all time awaited us.

Frassati NY