February 1, 2017

In dealing with more "earthly cares" of my own than I'd like to admit and struggling to lay them down, I'm finding myself unable to write my own reflection today. So I'll do what I always do when I can't think of my own content: Send you Fr. Mike Schmitz's reflections instead.

I met up with a friend from my days of campus ministry of Miami this past weekend, who mentioned Fr. Mike's talk on the Eucharist. I had heard it on my way out to a retreat (coincidentally also in Miami) a few years back, but hadn't been about to locate it since. My friend gave me a name to Google and voila, here it is!

Here is the link to the talk. Be aware; it's a doozy at 45 minutes long. But you'll love every minute of it.

Fr. Mike Schmitz - The Hour That Will Change Your Life

Put it on while your washing the dishes, cleaning the apartment (you know you need to), or, better yet, to actually sit and watch. Any way you choose, just watch it.

Praised be Jesus Christ, who covers our weaknesses, even small ones like not writing our own reflections.

Frassati NY