March 11, 2017

"Do not the pagans do the same? 

So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (From today's Gospel)

God has a gigantic mirror at the vestibule of heaven. It's so big, immensely humongous, from the ground to the firmament and beyond the universe. God has a mirror at the vestibule of heaven that is not enough to reflect his face, the face of mercy.  God has a mirror at the vestibule of heaven, and if you dare look at your reflection while God is looking at his, smaller than a grain of dust you'll notice your reflection is.

Because we are dust, a tiny breathing grain of dust that comes and goes at the sound of our desires.

We are silence, imperfect silence that breaks  at the touch of our vices. 

We can be everything, we can think we are everything as well, but until our reflection on God's immensely humongous mirror at heaven's vestibule is not magnified like that of Mary and the saints, how can we live praying for the conversion of others, when our conversion has not being prayed for? Have you noticed the biggest enemy we have is ourself? So can we pray for that enemy? The envious, the prideful, the lustful, lukewarm and arrogant enemy we see reflected in our worldly mirror.

Only humility magnifies our reflection. Only humility allows us to pray for ourselves, and stop thinking that because we attend every catholic social event and pray some rosaries, or attend Latin mass (if we do) are better than those we consider pagans (Boom!). Only humility enables us to love our enemies, because they become the mirror in which we see ourselves reflected: broken, needy, and thirsting for love.  Only humility can open up  the catholic cliques we often create where the poor, the stranger and even the same Christians next to us are often not included.

It is what we do when no one is looking what makes us greater, what makes our love and our religion real. If a grain of breathing dust, in its imperfect silence prays for the same grace it wants for itself also for others, it is no longer dust that will be reflected on God's mirror. Not just an image, but also likeness.

So this Lent, let's not only be pious about the things we give up, but let's also be real about the things we lack. 

Humility is what we often lack... and thus we lack everything we need to be magnified in God's immensely humongous mirror at the entrance of heaven's vestibule.

Mary, reflection of Mercy!

Teach us.


Frassati NY