April 8, 2017

Who is this Christ people keep talking about?

At times I wonder, and as I wonder, my thoughts beget millions of answers that can never be satisfied.

You, who also walk this desert...Have you seen him? Have you listened to the words he says? Have you talked to him? Is he beautiful? Is he kind? Does he smile often? Does he shine like they say?

Who is this Christ, people keep talking about?

Who is this Christ, which we die to meet? Who is this Christ that as we meet, we die? 

I am often wondering "Who are you Christ?" "What do we possess, that seems to have awakened your interest?"

You die, and you rise, but still I cannot grasp who you really are. 

"Who do you say that I am?"  You respond.

"You are..." I have no single answer.

...You are that place, where I wander. Thus you become the question and the answer, the place and the absence. With you the world exists, and at the same time it doesn't exist anymore once we fix our eyes on you. 

You become the feeling and the emotion at the begging, and the suffering and struggle if we walk a bit more. Always the solution, at times the trouble. In grace you become the faith, when tempted an unfounded doubt. You become the yes and the no, to the good and the bad, to the virtue and to the sin. 

You are everything, you become everything we need, so at the end is not much about what you become, but what we become through you. And this is what our pilgrimage has become now: a constant reflection that occupies our minds more often than usual. A defective poem that cannot understand its own meaning, a bunch of questions that find living answers at the foot of a cross...on a Friday where the clouds mourn; on Sunday at an empty tomb, with a neon sky and the rising Son. 

Brothers and sisters, as we end this Lenten season, through the Gospel we are offered a vivid reminder of why we need God's mercy. As a community we need to remind each other of these little things that we may fail to contemplate sometimes, in spirit and truth. 

Once in a while it is valid to ask ourselves in the reality of our surrendering "Who is this Christ people keep talking about? I often ask myself because I often cannot grasp the greatness and the reality that God walked this earth once, and endured suffering for me. I wish sometimes I can correspond more to the infinite love, but I cannot because not even the love I try to give is mine. We are so poor that even we have to ask for the love we don't have so that we can love others like Jesus does. 

Who is this Christ people keep talking about?

Eventually he will answer for himself, not with words, but with footprints marked on our desert during. Turn back and see the footprints that followed since day one of Lent.  Christ will answer through our repentance and confessions, he will answer through forgiveness and joy. He will answer with divine bread and wine. He will answer with the Blood and Water, which gushed forth from his side  as a fountain of Mercy for us".

Who are you Chris? What do you mean for me right now and during the times I suffer? Do you mean the same to me in the times of joy? Are questions worth asking and reflecting upon.

Let us live this week like John and Mary. Let us stand at the foot of the cross with them. 

Have a beautiful Holy Week!

Frassati NY