April 22, 2017

When dawn hits the stone, theres a chance to surrender. The tricky part is to understand  dawn happens daily, whether we want it or not, dawn will take place anyway, we many not see it if we close our eyes but doesn't mean the sun lays still buried on the ground.   Easter is a daily thing, no matter how many cadavers  we have stored in the many tombs we create along the way, because the Spirit of the living God is more alive within the death inside us, as his only purpose is to enliven us.

Brothers and sister how great is the blood and water!!!! As I am reflecting on the beautiful words "I thirst" which inspired Mother Teresa to set the world on fire, I can only see how Blood and Water is all we need to be amazed. The world seeks to be amazed, it needs lights, trends, it needs spectacles and special effects... but nothing would ever amaze us like blood and water.

God's mercy for us in his blood and water coming from the pierced side of his son.

What does blood and water mean? I cannot tell you this. But I can tell you what they mean to me. The key to a missionary life which we are all called to live is blood a water, to me these words translate into dignity and service.

Mother Teresa was able to grasp this. She help others not because they were poor, but because of the blood and water, the dignity and service. 

What can be done to reestablish the dignity of those around me and serve them? You dont need to go overseas for this, you dont need to go live at a shelter (but if you do please know the Franciscan Missionaries are accepting applicants for our summer program....single young adults come live radically for a month or two lol) ...sometimes the most radical way of service is at your own home.

How do I reestablish or keep the dignity of those who live with me? How do I serve them better? Sometimes picking up a forgotten sock on the living room, or making lunch, or any random small action will do the trick. SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE!!! 

Brothers and sisters we are the missionary Church!! But missionary work is not about ending poverty, it is about commencing dignity! Poverty can never be end, but once you give people dignity, love them, care for them, and make them feel they exist it is only blood and water your are bringing them straight from the pierced side of our most beloved Jesus ... only blood and water... Mercy. 

Our own poverty which Jesus comes and helps us embrace until the day we join him in heaven. Commencing dignity, real dignity, takes real courage, in doing the little annoying things at home first and with those around us, otherwise how do we expect to serve the world?

Blood and water!!!!

St. Faustina,

Pray for us.

Frassati NY