April 27, 2017

“The Father loves the Son and has given everything over to him” (John 3:35).

Sometimes I think about what it was like for you to walk the earth and call God, “Father.” To call him, “Papa!” with spontaneous affection, and such joy. To know yourself tenderly held.

You had to know it with such clarity that, when you lost sight of him in your Passion, the imprint of his embrace beat from within your memory and from within your heart, etched upon by his love. It makes sense of everything: this love you had for him, and he for you. The rest of us try so much to explain the world and its pieces with the sciences, or by self-made categories, but they’re all useless if we forget our heart and its depth, created for you, your Father, your Spirit.  

Your heart, after all—hidden from our immediate gaze—ever-blazed with life and energy and intimacy as you prayed, “Papa, I see you; I am seen by you. How shall I serve you in this moment? How will I delight you today? Reveal you to these lost sheep today?”

I want to love the Father like you loved him. And I want to be loved like you were loved. I, too, want to belong to your embrace, and not be excluded from it. I see the two of you embracing, and I know the best place for me is in the middle, right between, little and entirely contingent on you both and your Spirit.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it? You came so that I could show up in the Garden of Gethsemane and kneel next to you, and to share with you in the Father’s strength, gifted. You came so that, when others’ evil or my own evil flares up within me, I can come and climb into your lap and snuggle into your arms, and be made whole. Your love, with each touch, soothes my anger and softens my edges and melts the hardness inside. You came so that, today, I could know everything about you—and more—because you give me your Spirit, who teaches me all things.

Jesus, let me live in you, with you, consumed by you.

I open myself up, and I give myself over to you so that I may share in your life and thus in your Father’s life, which I never want to be without. I never want to be without you both, whom my heart loves and after whom it always seeks. Come today, this moment, every moment, until that moment when there will be no more seeking.


Me (your little one)

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, pray for us.

All you holy men, women, and angels of God, pray for us.


Oh if I could love you more than all the saints
and angels combined
if I could give you just one tiny thing
It would be my own life

imon (Petros) -  Alanna-Marie Boudreau

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