May 28, 2017

"I glorified you on earth by accomplishing the work that you gave me to do" (John 17 -today's Gospel)

I have no love in me.

I have no love in me on my own.

I have no love in me on my own to give.

Thus I need to call upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to provide me with love.

I tried to love people once, with my own love.    But I can keep up, loving people requires something else than my own self.

And as I come to know God I realized it was like trying to keep a flower alive in a pot.

You can take the see and plan it in your own little pot and grow it with the water you give it, it would grow day by day, and even when you care for it genuinely it would die. That is all we can provide. This is what happens when we love people alone, with what we have, all we can provide is a small pot of soil, it would bloom but it wont last for as long ad we can keep up with it.

To love is to give the opportunity to live, for love must be life giving since God is love and love brings forth new life. 

I cannot understand it fully, the mystery of love, and I have stopped trying to love God in my little pot, I cant hold him back any longer. 

I thought we could feel loved by God, I thought knowing that God loves me and I thought telling others about God love was enough to experience this love. 

However, the paradox of the cross is that when we are giving love, is when we are being loved at the same time. 

Like a seed you plant on a big field that does not even belong to you, and is not even near your house. Love is not a selfish thing, thus we plan a seed for others. And we care for that seed as much as we want, and at the end it is not really us, but the rain and the sun which is bigger than us the one who makes it living. We give the flower a bigger opportunity to live, which is not in us, nor in our own little pots of self indulgence. 

There is a point in our Christian lives when we realize our hearts are this small pot  where we keep people, and places and the things we do for the church, but the best we would do is to grow flowers, we gotta aim for the trees that bear fruits... and for that  is truly the heart of our Lord, the field and the everlasting soil.

I have no love to give, but only the love given to me to deliver. And as I attempt to deliver  this love with no delay I pray for the grace to be healed in Jesus from anything that may cause a delay in my mission to deliver this love. 

I have no love in me...because I store my love in Jesus. 

We have no love in us on our own...

We have no love in us on our own to give.

All the love we have is the love we have received and has left a mark. And this mark is the cry of our needs, to be loved by the one who calls us all to his house.

And to be loved is to give, but as we have nothing to give on our own, again the paradox of the cross. 

The greatest mystery, we cant grasp, so we must keep planting, and glorifying God in doing his will.

Maybe that's the only thing we can give, all the Glory to God... the only thing and the greatest thing. 

Frassati NY