August 26, 2017

"Whoever exalts himself will be humbled; but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” (From Today's Gospel)

In time of winter when the cold is deathly, when I think of spring is not the trees I remember, but the leaves. 

"Aren’t the leaves part of the tree?" you may ask. 

"Yes! However, a tree without leaves is an incomplete tree" I would tell you. Thus the smallest of the leaves makes the tree even greater, because the branches are useless when the leaves fall from grace.

It is lifeless, it bears no fruit, for the leaves lullaby every ray from the sun, and the lazy caterpillars, and the clumsy squirrels too.

A leaf once fell slowly and became orange, but even in the fall there was some beauty to be told. Even when the death of a leaf is foretold at the touch of winter, there is beauty in letting go. How many times we also fall and become orange? How many times have we missed to see the misunderstood beauty of one hitting the ground?

How insignificant yet important a little leaf is? How important yet insignificant a thousand little leaves are? As they give shelter to the tree, they keep it warm, they keep it dry, they never let it be alone.

A simple little leave is greater in itself, than the greatest robust trunk stuck on the soil’s soul. It is greater because it is small, because it remains small, because it becomes beautiful, because it becomes life-giving, because it becomes old. A little leaf is greater because it never stops being so alive, until it loses sight from the sun.

No other thing can live with the rose and the thorn but the leaf, in its sacrificial nature, in the littleness of their dreams...

"What does a leaf dream of?” They dream just to serve the flowers, just to serve the tree, just to serve the caterpillars…no more than being a simple leaf…that is its only reality, that is its only dream.


Because they dream to be small, is that the leaves are exulted by God, he personally has crafted one by one, he personally wills how they by one. He has given them as a crown to the mighty tree... thus the might of the tree is not in its roots, but in its leaves, like the power of man comes from above when we uproot our knees.  let us become humble like leaves in the eyes of this world. Between roses and thorns, moving as the Spirit blows, serving, resting, giving life and making the world a place of beauty...even when autumn brings us low.

Frassati NY