September 13, 2017

Christ is all and in all.

 - Col 3:11

Do you not know that your body is a temple

of the holy Spirit within you,

whom you have from God,

and that you are not your own?

 - 1 Cor 6:19

Within each one is the Spirit, 

who wishes to be helped to open wide

the door to make him flourish again.

 - Pope Francis


Another quick reflection tonight:

What does it mean that God is within us? How does that change our view of life?

In a recent discussion with my wife, we spoke about thinking of the Lord as a supervisor or teacher; we have regular meetings with Him (our prayer), and we spend the meantime preparing (spiritual reading, scriptural study, listening to homilies, and trying to apply all of these in our daily lives. We then give a progress report of our lives, ask for some feedback (or maybe anticipate the areas of criticism without even asking), and say sayonara until our next meeting.

How many opportunities does this give us to hide from Jesus? We can feel unworthy, unprepared and put off prayer. We can be tempted to exaggerate our accomplishments, or even our shortcomings in hopes of pity and mercy.

But if the Lord lives in us, guiding us and steering our soul, we needn't do so much darn work. Living a life with the Spirit within is less about accumulating holiness and more about stripping away our imperfection. Sanctification is no longer castle-building, but whittling. Slowly, surely, we allow the Lord to breathe free in our hearts, and we feel all the more energized and loving as we do so!

Let's pray today, then, that we might let go of the effort to accumulate enough holiness to earn God's affection, and rather pray for the courage to let go, to step aside and let the Spirit move in us and through us.

Praised be Jesus Christ, one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Frassati NY