September 28, 2017

Thus says the LORD of hosts:
Consider your ways!
Go up into the hill country;
bring timber, and build the house
That I may take pleasure in it
and receive my glory, says the LORD.
(Hg 1:7-8)

My brothers and sisters:

We have the body of Christ, which exists in its full humanity at the Father’s right hand: his hands, with their nails, with the little creases at his knuckles, these hands that learned woodwork from Joseph; his arms, with their shoulders and elbows; his chest, through which a soldier pierced, to release the source of the sacraments, in blood and water; his legs, which walked, with their feet pierced, and in being pierced, subjected to the Cross.

We have this body, which was given up for us: pure gift, from the heavens to the earth, in all its temporality and the ravages of sin.

We have this body, about which Jesus says—I give this up for you, my child, because for you I thirst, and you I want to climb into the wounds in my side so that you may rest within me.

We have this body, which is his Church—this Church into which we enter when the Holy Spirit, who is His Spirit, makes us one in our hearts, through our hearts, by the pure reality of grace.

We have the Church of churches, which are His house, which we have built with our own hands, as a people that belongs to the Lord—this house that glorifies Him, the Eucharistic, tabernacled Lord.

Let us learn to worship, then, in the Eucharist, that apex of everything; in that liturgy which the angels might envy and which faith, when deepened, purified, and expanded in us, elevates into a Heaven that begins on earth.

Let us pray, in our hearts’ depths, when the priest offers his own body for the body of the Lord:

Eternal Father—Heavenly Papa, Daddy!—I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

I offer you your Son through the hands of Our Lady, more perfect than my own, whose own hands touched his hands, whose own body birthed his forth—that this sacrifice may be perfect, and that you may perfect yourself in me, so that I may be worthy to love you with a love proportionate—that infinity with which you desire to be loved, and nothing else.

Frassati NY