December 20, 2017

How remarkable and earth-shattering was Mary's fiat, even more so than Gabriel's annunciation itself! 

For without her acceptance, eternity's greatest proposition would still have come to nothing. Her "yes" was so grace-filled and momentous that sometimes we forget it was also human. Her humanity, unburdened by original sin, was still humanity. Her will was still free, for if it were not free she could not truly love. She, in a gloriously human way, participated in God's perfect plan.

We too, can be so moved by the Spirit and participate in His plan.

Do not doubt that the power of the Spirit that moved Mary (and later co-created with her the Savior) is the same Spirit that we received at our Baptism. We, through Christ, also have the right to approach the throne and ask for an outpouring of the Spirit in our lives.

Please, with me, let us turn to prayer. Beg the Lord for His Spirit. Plead for Mary's intercession. Yearn for a heart that loves and trusts the Lord completely. Pray with all your soul to be a vessel of grace that can give a momentous and pivotal fiat in the vein of our Blessed Mother.

Praised be Jesus Christ, fulfillment of so many prophecies.

Frassati NY